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Front Street Brewery

Brewmaster's Corner

Englightment, redemption, information, news, celebrity gossip, ramblings, the occasional fancy word...........all these things can sometimes be found within the Brewer's Blog.


To the 6 or so people who have consistently read my blog with vigor and excitement(My Brother-in-Law Mark was one.....say hi to the family for me), I'm sorry for my absence in the blogging world. I took a break to join the French Foreign Legion and let's just say I found out the whole experience just wasn't for me. Anyway I'm back and promise to keep you updated more often.  So what's new with us here at FSB??  Well we just tapped the homebrew competition winner which is delightful.  We won a Gold Award at the World Beer Cup for our Spring big deal. I've become recently ordained and officiated two weddings in one week.....awesome. Payment for one of those weddings was a case of Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold....extremely awesome. Oh and at the ripe age of 31 I've become a student again.  I recently enrolled in the American Brewers Guild Distance Program for working brewers.  It's a 23 week long Brewing Chemistry and Engineering course. It's an adjustment to get back into the academia mindset. My advice to anyone who ever says "I just graduated highschool and I'm going to take a year or two off and then start college."  Don't do's hard to get back on track.  Plus within that year or 2 you'll probably forget all those fancy equations, what a verb actually is and what the true meaning of Beowulf was. I'll keep this first post short and simple so I can "ease" myself back into the blogging world. I promise to do better at keeping up to date with posts, but only if each and everyone of you reading this promises to do better at one thing in your life as well.  Even if it's something simple like taking the dog out for a walk more often or doing the laundry when your significant other had a rough day..........your choice. Until next time.


Kevin Kozak, Brewmaster



To begin, I have to admit that I have suffered from a serious case of writer's block for over a year, considering my last blog post was Spring of 2013. Well I'm back and I'm really going to try to keep up with this blog. We had a great summer and fall here at Front St. Brewery as we head into the holiday season. Everyone's favorite Xmas beer, Tiny Tim's Xmas Porter, is currently conditioning in the fermentation tank as I write this. It will be released on Black Friday again this year and is sure to go fast as it usually does. We've also started a new tradition this year.  When we brew Tiny Tim's we take 53 gallons and put it in a freshly emptied bourbon barrel.  We allow it to slumber in there until July, which allows us to celebrate Christmas in July every year by bringing back a small amount of Tiny Tim's aged in oak.  This past July is the first time we tapped the oak aged version of Tiny Tim's and the 3 kegs we had did not last long at all. 

We've also been having some fun with our Wort Shop program. Every 3rd thursday of the month we release one 5 gallon keg of a completely fun and random style. Kelsie has been doing a great job running the wort shop program and has tapped some creative things over the past few months such as the Autumnal Apple Brown, Chai ESB and Jalapeno Business which was a Jalapeno Pale Ale. Kudo's to Kelsie for getting weird with it and producing some great small batch beers. Typically the keg doesn't last longer than a few hours after it's tapped. If you're interested in those beers I suggest you get here early on the 3rd thursday. Keep an eye on our facebook page for what's coming up with the Wort Shops. 

We also helped celebrate the US Coast Guard Cutter Dillegence's birthday recently by tapping 3 kegs of a Sour beer that we had in a sour cognac barrel. It's been a real hit and is almost gone, but the good news is we have a few other Sour beers in the works that we'll be tapping down the road sometime, so keep an eye out for them. 

We always have some fun stuff coming down the pipeline and enjoy changing things up often.  As we move towards the holidays make sure to stock up on some delicious Front St. Brewery beer. Beer always helps keep things calm with the family during the holidays. Cheers!!

Kevin Kozak, Brewmaster


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