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A current list of our locally hancrafted brews on tap at Front Street Brewery


Flagship Brews

Available YEAR-ROUND in Kegs, German Growlers, 32oz. Jugs, and On Tap 7 Days a Week!


10oz Mug: $3.29  | Pint: $4.29

This beer is the favored beer of Cologne, Germany. Light bodied and golden in color. Unlike most German beers, Kolsch is an ale, not a lager. This golden ale is lightly hopped and has some fruity aromas due to the yeast strain used.

4.8% ABV



10oz Mug: $3.29  | Pint: $4.29

American Wheat Ale with a delicious raspberry flavor has made this beer a Front Street favorite. Light bodied and delicately hopped, this ale is best paired with poultry, white fish, salads & desserts.

4.7% ABV



10oz Mug: $3.29  | Pint: $4.29

A classic American style India Pale Ale made with Pale, Munich & Crystal malts. This beer is aggressively hopped with All American hops: Nugget, Amarillo & Cascade that give this beer an additional hop aroma and flavor.

6.1% ABV



10oz Mug: $3.29  | Pint: $4.29

Very deep red in color and very lightly hopped, Front Street Brewery Scottish  Ale is rich in flavor, yet not a heavy beer. Chocolate and Caramel malts give this beer a touch of sweetness. A wonderful pair with barbeque pork, steaks, & desserts.

7.2% ABV

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Scottish Ale by clicking HERE



10oz Mug: $3.29  | Pint: $4.29

A traditional English Ale.  ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter.  The English’s idea of bitter is very different than ours.  This beer does not have much upfront bitterness.  It focuses more on hop flavor and aroma.  East Kent Goldings hops give this beer a nice earthy aroma and flavor.  English Crystal malt give this ale a nice amber color and a touch of caramel flavor. 

4.5% ABV



Seasonals Selections

A Rotating Collection of our Finest Brews, including Champion Beers and Award Winners!



10oz Glass: $3.59 / Pint: $4.59

A dark beer lover's dream - don't be afraid! This robust, full bodied stout is brewed in collaboration with NoDa Brewing Company in Charlotte for NC Beer Month with over a bushel of local stump sound oysters. The oysters season the stout with a very subtle brine salt, enhancing the flavor and mouthfeel of the dark and roasty malts.

6.7% ABV.



10oz Mug: $3.59  | Pint: $4.59

Procouncede "slawn-cha" after the Irish Gaelic toast meaning "to your health". This gorgeous red ale is the traditional tipple of Ireland, and one of our favorite everyeday drams. Ultra smooth and ridiculously easy to drink, its subtle sweetness is balanced by a gently toasted finish. Drink our red ale instead of green beer: St. Patrick would approve
4.7% ABV





10oz: $5.99

Staying ahead of the trends is hard work. We laid down this bourbon barrel full of goodness over two years ago, together with the wonderful deep purple berries from Britain that give this ale its unique deep color and tang. Our patience paid off with complex and layered sour in great balance. The wait is over - get yours before its gone

6.3% ABV.


10oz Glass: $4.59

Our Brewer's most-prized creation, perfected in his seminary dorm room while studying to be a priest! The unique ale is brewed for Pascha with monk-like devotaion, using honey and heather flowers from the Scottish highlands, to create an incomparably smooth and vinous libation with extrodinary depth and complexity. Gloriously easy to drink, and unlike any other earthly beer; it's even been blessed by and Orthodox priest  

   8.3% ABV


10oz Mug: $3.59  | Pint: $4.59

The mocha latte of beers.  This luxurious  indulgence is brewed with chocolate coffee beans and golden naked oats for a silky, sensual experience, while German hops and roasted black malt impart a bittersweet, dark chocolate intrigue.  

Each sip will leave you craving more.  

6.5% ABV



10oz Mug: $3.59  | Pint: $4.59

This delicious golden beer won gold at World Beer Cup in 2012. An ultra-rare French country farmhouse style known as Biere de Mars, brewed for Spring with the best of the Fall harvest. Sensationally solft and pillowy from a grist of wheat and oats, it's like a fresh breeze through a field of grain, brightened by mild hol finish

7.2% ABV


Beer To Go 

A Rotating Collection of our Finest Brews, including Champion Beers and Award Winners!

 32oz Bullets available to-go

 $6.99 each or $12.99 for a Two Pack with Free Carrier

 German Growlers $29.99 plus cost to fill




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