The complete list of all of our sesonal sellections and when you can expect them on tap.




A French style Biere de Mars. It was said to use the finest winter barley and the freshest hops. Our interpretation is a deep golden color and left unfiltered. A significant amount of wheat was used. East Kent Goldings hops give this beer some hop bitterness, flavor 7 aroma. This ale is unique in that it uses lager yeast at an elevated temperature. Using lager yeast at this temperature provides a slightly tangy flavor.

6.2 % ABV


A traditional Irish Style Red Ale. This beer is fairly simple when it comes to malt and hops. English Pale and a touch of Caramel malt was used for body and color. East Kent Goldings hops were used fairly sparingly. This beer is medium bodied with a nice amber color.

5.1 % ABV


An English style Sweet Stout with the addition of Flaked Oats. This ale is lightly hopped and has a healthy addition of Chocolate malt to give this Stout its signature color. This beer is medium bodied and has a nice roast finish. The oats help lend a silky smooth mouth-feel.

5.0 % ABV.


This robust, full-bodied stout is made with fresh, local Stump Sound oysters. The shells are added in the mash bill and provide calcium and minerals that enhance mouthfeel. The actual oyster meat is added to the boil and contributes a subtle yet savory briny character. This is a collaboration beer with NoDa Brewing Co. for NC Beer month and is truely one of a kind that's worth experiencing for any real beer lover.

5.5% ABV




Let’s face it. Wilmington weather is HOT. A lot. We brew this summer session IPA so that you can have something cold and refreshing when the grass needs cutting. Mosaic, Amarillo, and Cascade hops create a bright citrus snap to invigorate your afternoon, while the low ABV keeps you from needing a nap if you drink a couple. And we think you probably will.

4.5 % ABV


A German Style Hefeweizen. The malts used were 60% Pilsner and 40% Wheat. Spalt hops were used subtly. What makes this wheat beer unique is the yeast strain used. It gives the beer Banana, Clove and citrus flavors. This beer is an unfiltered beer and the large portion of wheat makes this beer very hazy, which is how it’s supposed to be. No lemon is required for this beer. All a lemon does is dissipate the foamy head of the beer. Plus there are no lemon trees in Germany so you wouldn’t catch a German adding a lemon to a finely made Hefe. El Jefe in Spanish means the Boss. This beer truly is "The Boss"!

4.5% ABV


Our Belgian Tripel pours a deep gold, with gently sweet malt flavors of honey, and complex hints of pear, apricot, and clove contributed by our Belgian yeast strain. Finishes semi-dry with a slight spice from Saaz hops. Supremely smooth and drinkable. You’ll be amazed a beer this strong feels so light and quaffable. Be careful, or your season might end a little early.

9.3% ABV

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Absurdity is a beautiful contradiction. Mad science! We’ve taken our deceptively drinkable Belgian Tripel and crossed it with a bold American IPA. The result is a smooth, refreshing golden beer with big citrusy flavors of tangerine and grapefruit, subtle complexities of clove, bubble gum, and smarties candies, and a drying finish. Less bitter than most IPAs; more refreshing than most Belgians. Absurdly good. Let it warm to taste the full complexity. 

8.4% ABV




Our 80 Shilling is deep red in color and very malt accented. Very little hop flavor or aroma is evident. It is basically our Scottish Ale’s little sister. This ale is lower in alcohol than the Scottish Ale. To give this beer caramel flavor, Our Brewmaster took a portion of the first runnings of wort and transferred it to the kettle.The Brewmaster then boiled these runnings for an hour to caramelize and reduce the wort. This gave the beer a nice caramel flavor. Scottish breweries list their products in ascending order of gravity and strength as Light, Heavy, Export and Strong. In the past, beer in Scotland was taxed based on strength, so the beers became known by their tax ratings: 60 shilling, 70 shilling, 80 shilling, 90 shilling. Alcohol content by volume might rise through 3, 4, 4.5 and 7-10.

5.3% ABV


An Amber colored German Lager traditionally released in time for the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany. FSB’s version is full bodied with a sweet malt finish followed by a bit of toffee flavor. German Noble hops were used sparingly to give just a touch of hop flavor and aroma.



A German Style Schwarzbier. Schwarzbier means that the beer is a black lager. It is a fairly light bodied beer that has a small amount of chocolate malt to darken the beer up. Pilsner and munich malts were also used in this beer. It is lightly hopped with German Aurora and Tradition hops. It’s named the Swamp Lager after the DISCOVERY CHANNEL TV SHOW SWAMP LOGGERS, filmed directly across the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County, NC.

5.4% ABV


A Polish style Porter that was fermented with Lager yeast. This beer is dark in color and accents the use of a large portion of chocolate malt to give this beer a very smooth well rounded chocolate flavor. It is less roasty than most dark beers and has a good portion of caramel malt to add to the flavor. Hops are not used in excess but the hops used are Aurora, Hallertau and Spalt. This beer was brewed by the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, with Poland being the main country producing a Baltic Porter. We brew this beer especially for the St. Stan’s Polish Festival in Castle Hayne, NC.

7.0% ABV




A traditional Unfiltered German Pilsner. Keller means cellar in German thus denoting that this beer is left unfiltered. This lager is fairly dry and was made with 100% German Pilsner malt and hopped with German Aurora and Czech Saaz. The Saaz gives this beer a slightly spicy aroma and a clean bitterness. German pilsners are hoppier than its American counterparts. (Bud, Miller, Coors etc.)

5.1% ABV


A beer named for Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink. Close friends and family affectionately referred to Hemingway as “Papa”. The original Papa Doble was served at a Cuban bar called the Floridita. It was a daiquiri drink that had Double the alcohol. Our version of the Papa Doble is a bit different. Rather than mixing ice, juices and liquor we mix loads of Pale malt with hot water. Then add 50 lbs of American hops......yes that’s right......50 lbs! We then ferment the beer out and add an additional 30 lbs to dry hop the beer. This ale is all about the hops. They’re overriding and extremely prominent. A hop heads dream beer for sure! Please enjoy responsibly.

9.7% ABV


This beer is a English style sweet Stout with the addition of Chocolate Velvet Coffee. 15lbs of Chocolate Coffee was cold brewed to create 24 gallons of coffee which was then blended into the Stout. The Stout was made of up Pale, Caramel, Chocolate and Black Malts. English Challenger and East Kent Goldings hops were used sparingly. This beer is all about the chocolate flavors. It’s extremely smooth and drinkable.

6.0 % ABV


This lager was brewed to celebrate our Head Brewer's 500th batch of beer brewed since he joined us here at FSB. He showed up years ago and we just haven't been able to get rid of him since!! One of the first beers he brewed at FSB was our Lumina Lager which was a German Helles Lager. That beer has since been retired but Henry's Helles Bock is just a higher alcohol version of the original Lumina Lager. It's also named after our resident Ghost, Henry Wenzel, a German painter who fell to his death on Nov 1, 1895 in our building.

Helles means pale in German and Bock denotes that the beer is of higher alcohol content. This beer was brewed with Pilsner and Munich malts to give it a nice, malty backbone. The German hops used come throughever so slightly to help balance this beer and add just a touch of upfront hop bitterness.

7.4% ABV


Our Holiday Brew! This Imperial Vanilla Java Porter is a holiday gift for both the naughty and nice!

This beer is a high alcohol Porter that is blended with 25 gallons of cold steeped French Vanilla Coffee. What's not to love about that?? We typically only release 2 batches of this beer right around the holiday season each year and it's since become a major hit. Keep an eye and ear out for when it will be released each year because this beer flies out of the tank, just like St. Nick and hisreindeer!

8.5% ABV


With age comes wisdom... and sophisticated, complex beers. Our oak-aged Series features "elder generations" of our favorite flagships & seasonals. Patiently aged in bourbon, cognac, whiskey or wine barrels for up to 2 years. These mature masterpieces are far worth the wait


In honor of the holy humulus lupulus, we bring you our Single Hop Series: a heavenly lineup of hand crafted, hop-driven beers. Each release is designed & developed to feature the profile of one specific breed or blend, whether boldly bitter or citrus-centered. With every sip you'll find out what makes this flower so devine.

WORT SHOP SERIES: Every 3rd Thursday

Beer is science and our Wort Shop Series features small experimental batch creations concocted by our mad scientists. From spontaneous fermentation to the addition of non traditional ingredients. Each limited release is inspired by the infinite possibilities in the beer's flavor spectrum. 


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